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Partners & Distributors

Microsynth is an independent company free to select the technologies, partners and suppliers that best suit the needs of our customers. Being an open and learning organization, we cultivate and maintain a dialogue with renowned experts from both industry as well as academic institutes.

In partnerships with universities, research results and practical experiences are exchanged. We use the resulting know-how in projects and to leverage innovation.

Here is a list of our main partners and distributors.


Microsynth is a member of BioLAGO a cross-border health network in the Lake Constance region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein). The network links business and science for innovation; it promotes knowledge transfer and the establishment of new companies.


Microsynth is the main supplier of primers and probes for Ingenetix GmbH, a manufacturer of Real-Time PCR kits located in Vienna, Austria.
Promega is our main supplier for STR analysis reagents to be used for paternity testing as well as for human cell line typing. STR analysis consists of several steps and requires specialized instrumentation and software analysis which is not available in every lab. Promega is promoting Microsynth as an expert in cell lines authentication.

Zurich Cantonal Laboratory, Switzerland
In collaboration with Dr. René Köppel, multiplex real-time PCR kits are developed and commercialized for food safety testing.




CARLO ERBA Reagents S.r.l., Via R. Merendi, 22, 20010 Cornaredo MI, Italy


Altigenbio Ltd., Kazımdirik Mah, Üniversite Cad, Meva Plaza No: 116, 35100 Bornova/İzmir, TURKEY


Ibian Technologies, C/Bari nº 57 - Polígono PLAZA - 50197 Zaragoza, Spain



K-Trade, Pupavova 31, 84104 Bratislava, Slovak Republic




TOPAZ GENE RESEARCH, Anahita 2 building- Belal blvd. - Hafte tir sq., 3134763645 Karaj, Iran


Upstream OU, Tiigi 61B, 50410 Tartu, Estonia