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High-Throughput Analysis

Comprehensive (high-throughput) qPCR analysis service for essentially all common assay types (e.g. TaqMan, SYBR green, FRET). The full service includes nucleic acid isolation, assay design and validation, target detection and data analysis including normalization with internal controls.


We can offer you a broad range of different services.
  • Gene expression analysis in any organism
  • Gene quantification at genomic level
  • SNP (single nucleotide analysis) genotyping and analysis of polymorphisms
  • Epigenetics: e.g. methylation analysis by real-time PCR-based high-resolution melting

Example Projects

Project Examples
We’ve successfully performed many different projects (small to large projects) over the last decade, ranging from 1-month projects to projects lasting several years. Here are some selected examples to illustrate our know-how and experience in the area of real-time PCR.
GMO Analysis of Plants (Using Real-Time PCR)
The goal of this project was to first develop a reliable and robust DNA isolation procedure for a specific plant type. Second, a sensitive, selective and cost-efficient real-time PCR system had to be established and validated. Following these initial developmental activities, Microsynth was assigned to perform GMO (genetically modified organism) screening on a fee-for-service basis. More than 55’000 samples have been successfully assessed over a time period of 11 years.
Mice Genotyping Using Real-Time PCR Analysis
The specific genetic identification of genetically engineered animals is critical to the efficient pursuit of research and in reducing the number of animals involved in a research project. Microsynth has genotyped hundreds of rat tissues and blood for the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms. For this purpose the genomic DNA was isolated from tissue or blood and analyzed by real-time PCR.
Eradication of BVD (Bovine Virus Diarrhoe)
BVD is one of the most widespread and costly infectious cattle diseases. Microsynth AG is one of a few laboratories accredited by the Swiss government to perform tests for BVD. The company has signed exclusive contracts with several Swiss cantons accounting for about one-fourth of the Swiss cattle population to be tested. Therefore, a high-throughput real-time PCR System (including RNA isolation) has been developed and validated to allow the screening of up to 10’000 samples per day. To date, we have tested >800’000 ear samples (initial test) and 5’000 blood samples (confirmatory testing in case of positive initial testing).

How to Order


Every qPCR project is different. Please ask our application specialists for your quote.

The following questions are relevant for appropriate pricing:

  • Kind of template (gDNA, cDNA, RNA)?
  • DNA/RNA isolation necessary? From what kind of organism and tissue?
  • Delivery of samples (amount, quality and vessel)?
  • Pathogenicity?
  • Primer-probe set designed and validated?
  • Assay established? Single or multiplex assay?
  • Expected number of samples?
  • Number of replicas per sample?
  • Delivery form of data (raw data, Ct values or additional interpretation)
  • Accreditation required?