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Microsynth Anniversary Quiz

Welcome to the anniversary quiz. Simply fill out the form and off you go. The winners will be informed by e-mail on the 2nd of October.
The following attractive prizes are waiting for their winners:

Grand Prize

Weekend for two
Weekend for two at the 7132 hotel and thermal spring at Vals.

2nd Prize

Säntis Crossing
Balloon ride over the Säntis for two people.

3rd Prize

Lauberhorn Downhill
Two Gold-Cards for the Lauberhorn Downhill Race including Skipass.
The winners of the 4th up to the 30th place will get a small present.


Game Rules

1. The raffle takes place on 1st of October.
2. Participants will be informed by mail on 2nd of October.
3. Minimum age for participation is 18 years.
4. Prizes will not be paid in cash.
I agree with the rules of the game*

Question 1/3

If all the bases ever sequenced by Microsynth with Sanger were combined, how long would this DNA sequence be?*

Question 2/3

How much electricity has Microsynth's roof-mounted solar system produced so far?*

Question 3/3

How many oligonucleotides have been synthesized at Microsynth since the start of the company?*
What is the sum of 9 and 1?

* mandatory