Comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing Services

Microsynth offers a wide range of comprehensive next-generation sequencing (NGS) services based on several state-of-the-art NGS platforms:
  • Illumina - MiSeq
  • Illumina - NextSeq
  • Illumina - HiSeq
  • PacBio
Next-generation sequencing at Microsynth means that you will get much more than the access to state-of-the-art NGS technologies. It is the profound expertise of more than 20 years in DNA sequencing as well as related molecular biology knowledge such as DNA/RNA isolation, PCR/realtime PCR analysis and/or synthesis of DNA oligos, which you can rely on.

In addition, you can expect extensive consultation during the entire phase of your NGS project. A study manager is interacting with you but also internally with a team of molecular biology experts to ensure that your project is optimally designed and carefully executed.

Once your data will have been generated, you can make use of our in-depth bioinformatics knowhow and solutions. Hence, your sequencing project will be in good hands at Microsynth and we do everything possible to deliver you high-quality results where you can build on your further ongoing scientific work.


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