Barcode High-Throughput Sequencing Service

Do you have relatively high numbers of PCR products or plasmids that can or need to be sequenced in parallel? Then we recommend our Barcode High-Throughput Sequencing Service.


To learn more about this type of sequencing service including pricing, please see the various sections below. To obtain information about detailed prices, please login to our webshop and download the current price list.


Main Service Features and Benefits:

  • Whole-plate sequencing on plasmids or PCR products
  • Read length per run: up to 1100 bases
  • Price includes PCR purifications or plasmid preparations (from E. coli); on request isolated plasmids are sent back to customers free of charge!1
  • Standard primers and up to 12 specific primers will be added per plate free of charge
  • Convenient service: easy ordering and overnight in-house production of specific sequencing primers
  • User-friendly sample shipment: Customers with a Microsynth collection box in their vicinity may benefit from cost-free shipment
  • Rapid turnaround time: sequencing time down to 3 days, depending on the amount of samples
  • Direct access to support by experienced academic staff (no waiting on a recorded-message hotline)
  • Pre-paid barcoded 96-well plates have no expiration date and can be used by multiple researchers
  • Each of our yellow barcode labels allows unambiguous sample plate identification
Prices go down to CHF 4.38 / EUR 3.00 per reaction (discount on is dependent on purchase quantities)   
Remember: In order to calculate the price for a single sequencing reaction, divide the price for one barcoded 96-well plate by the number of samples. Therefore, try to fill up your plate in order to benefit from the best possible price.

Sample Requirements

Plasmids and purified PCR products should be sent in liquid form at room temperature in pure water, 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH: 8.0) or 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH: 8.0 with a maximum of 0.01 mM EDTA). Standard TE buffer is not suitable for sequencing. Correct sample amounts/concentrations are critical.
PCR reactions can also be sent directly after PCR in their reaction buffer liquid at room temperature. We require that you check the quality of the sample with an agarose gel (at least one sample per PCR primer pair) before shipment. Please send us the gel image together with the plate or in a separate e-mail. It is important that all samples have the same concentration.

For E. coli cells, we recommend sending them in 96-well plates as frozen glycerol stocks or in Luria Broth (LB) medium at room temperature. Please make sure that your cells are incubated in 150 µl LB medium (containing the appropriate antibiotics!) for 3-4 hours with gentle shaking at 37° C prior to shipping. If no shaker for incubation is available at your lab, let us know. We then perform a longer incubation on our side. Furthermore, safe shipment of liquid cultures requires good sealing. For 96-well plates, we recommend sealing with 8-cap stripes, 96-cap mats or heat sealing.


Important – Please Note!

If you send 96 samples for forward and reverse reactions, then one additional plate/barcode label has to be enclosed, since 192 sequencing reactions are required.
The reactions are processed according to your online order. We sequence your samples in the following order, A1, B1, C1 … H11, H12. ( Accordingly, your samples are filled into the wells in vertical columns top to bottom, left to right if you use the excel sheet import tool).


How to Order?

a) To order a batch of barcode-labeled plates:

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Select Services in the “DNA Sequencing” menu
  • Click on Order Barcode Labels in the “Barcode High-Throughput Service” domain and follow the further instructions

b) To submit barcode-labeled plates for sequencing:

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Select Services in the “DNA Sequencing” menu
  • Click on Order Form in the “Barcode High-Throughput Service” domain and follow the further instructions

1 Condition: you send us high-copy plasmid(s) with only one antibiotic resistance.

Write an e-mail or call us at +41-71-722 83 33

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