DNA Oligos for Next Generation Sequencing Applications

Do you need NGS adaptors, fusion primers or any other specific primers for your next generation sequencing project? Due to its vast experience in the area of oligonucleotide synthesis as well as next generation sequencing, Microsynth will be your partner of choice.

In order to get a price quotation, please contact us (info@microsynth.ch).


Important - Please Note!

For a succesful outcome of your 454 amplicon sequencing project it is critical to adequately design, synthesize and purify the required 454 amplicon fusion primers. In this context please see also our guidelines for the use of 454 amplicon fusion primers in amplicon sequencing (can be downloaded in the right column under “Related Downloads”).

How to Order?

  • Important: Please first contact us at Microsynth and request an offer!
  • When ordering please use our dedicated Excel Order Form for NGS primer (can be downloaded in the right column under “Related Downloads”). Please do not use our standard Excel Order Form! Please always use the latest version of the Excel Order Form, published on this webpage!
  • Fill out the Excel Order Form and save a copy on your computer. Eventually send the copy to Microsynth (oligo.support@microsynth.ch).

Write an e-mail or call us at +41-71-722 83 33

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Order Form_Oligos for NGS_V3.2.xls

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