Real-Time PCR - Customized Assays

Are you interested in a functional, specific and tailor-made real-time PCR assay?


Then we encourage you to hand over us your target sequence or accession number. Simply leave it up to us to design, synthesize as well as to perform functionality testing of your primer-probe set; and receive your real-time PCR assay 2-3 weeks after ordering.


Main Product Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time PCR assays with proven functionality due to comprehensive testing using a specific positive control as well as a no template control
  • High degree of customization: you as our customer will decide
    • whether the assay should be singleplex or multiplex
    • which pair(s) of possible reporter dyes and quenchers should be selected
    • which sequence areas should be considered or not considered when designing the primer/probe set(s)
  • High sensitivity due to optimization of PCR working conditions: we design, synthesize and test your primer set(s) for their PCR performance
  • Easy publishing due to compliance with MIQE guidelines (full transparency with respect to  sequence information of used primer and probes)
  • Low-cost reordering of primer/probe sets, e.g. via our own oligonucleotide production facility (you will be provided with complete sequence of all oligonucleotides)
  • High quantity delivered: QC-tested primer/probe set(s) in single tubes (aliquoted) are sufficient for more than 2000 PCR reactions  

Potential Applications:

  • Gene expression analysis in any organism
  • Gene quantification at genomic level
  • SNP (single nucleotide analysis) genotyping and analysis of polymorphisms

Pricing and Ordering Information

To obtain information about prices or to place an order please contact us.

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