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Fast & Cost-effective MiSeq Illumina Sequencing of Bacterial Genomes

The MiSeq System is the perfect technology for fast and cost-effective sequencing of bacterial genomes. Microsynth can offer you a scalable and straightforward next generation sequencing service with short turnover times for attractive prices. An essential part of our full service is a conclusive bioinformatics evaluation. Please click here to obtain more information and to see some project examples including pricing.

Microsynth Merges with Seqlab


Microsynth AG is pleased to announce that it has recently merged with Seqlab GmbH. Please click here  for full text information

Late-Breaking: Cost-effective Multiplex PCR Kit for Distinguishing Horse and Beef!


For several years Microsynth is producing food PCR kits which have been developed and validated by the Zurich Cantonal Laboratory (Dr. Rene Köppel). Our multiplex Real-Time PCR kit “AllHorse” allows you to simultaneously detect meat from horse, beef, pork and sheep.


Please click here for more information or
just contact Dr. Vital Wohlgensinger
(+41-71-726 12 50).

New Low-scale Probes (FAM-TAMRA and FAM-BHQ-1) from Microsynth


Microsynth is pleased to announce the introduction of low-scale TaqMan probes for the most prominent dye-quencher pairs. Its main characteristics can be summarized as follows:


•   Dye-quencher options: FAM-TAMRA and

•   Synthesis Scale: 0.04 µmol

•   Purification: Thorough HPLC


•   Guaranteed delivery yield: ≥1 OD
     (5 nmol)

•   Production time: 3 working days

•   Low price incl. free design service!


You want to know your price, need help or want to discuss your application with our qPCR experts? Then please contact us at

Metagenomic Complete Service


DNA Extraction -> PCR Amplification ->
454 Sequencing -> Bioinformatics Analysis


Interested to obtain more information? Then please click on "Read More" and you will be transferred to the NGS application part of our website. Under "Related Downloads" you will find two documents describing in more detail how you can benefit from our service and know-how in the area of metagenomics.

Meet Us!


Microsynth will be present at the following MipTec User Group Meetings (September 24 and 25, 2012):


-       Next Generation Sequencing for Clinical and Research Genomics

-       Next Generation Natural Products:Exploring New Chemotypes


We would be happy to meet you there!


Service Improvements in DNA Sanger Sequencing


Microsynth AG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new service improvements in the area of DNA Sanger sequencing. Our Barcode Economy Run Service as well as our Economy Run Service have been extended by the following service features:

• PCR purification
• GC-rich treatment (free of charge!)

Please click here to receive more information.

New Solar Photovoltaic Power System Installed


Microsynth AG is proud to announce that it has recently completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art photovoltaic power system (18’000 kWh/year) at its headquarter in Balgach, Switzerland.

Please click here to for more information.

Special Offer on NextGen SOLiD Sequencing!

Microsynth will offer 25% discount on your next SOLiD sequencing project. The only condition is that your samples have to arrive at our lab no later than July 31, 2012. Request your quote by calling us at +41-71-722 83 33 or emailing us at

Meet Us!


Microsynth will be present at the Analytica 2012 in Munich from April 17-20, 2012. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth (booth 310, hall A3).

Microsynth Launches New Website


Please click here to read the press release


Meet Us!


Microsynth will be present at the Biotechnica in Hannover from October 11-13, 2011. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth (booth B 59, hall 009).

Latest News in Next Generation Sequencing


The new FLX+ System is up and running!


Profit from

  • an increased read length range from 500 up to1000 bases (mode read length 700 bases)
  • an increased capacity (700 Mb) and similar costs for shotgun libraries! 
For more information please write an e-mail or call us at +41-71-722 83 33.

Meet Us!

Microsynth will be present at the Roche Diagnostics (Schweiz) AG Annual Seminar “Next Generation Genomics - from Research to Routine” September 8th, 2011, Zürich

For more information please write an e-mail or call us at +41-71-722 83 33.

Microsynth on Tour in the Austrian Cities Innbruck and Vienna from September 29 to October 13, 2010


Recently we announced that you now can also take advantage of our free Pick-up Service for your DNA sequencing samples at sites near your lab. This service is one of several improvements we have implemented during the last year. If you are interested to learn more about our progresses in the area of DNA sequencing including next generation sequencing by 454, oligonucleotide synthesis as well as PCR/Genotyping services, then do not miss to visit our booth.

Collection Service in Austria

We’re happy to announce that —starting August 30, 2010—our customers in Vienna and Innsbruck will have access to our rapid, cost-free collection service for DNA sequencing samples.
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Define Personal Parameters for your Sequencing Orders

It is a pleasure for us to announce a further simplification of ordering sequencing reactions. You may preset options for your sequencing orders as preferences like Filename 2nd email address Delivery of your results These preferences will be preselected for your future orders. However, you still have the option to change them in each individual order form.



Lower List Prices

Due to our increased use of automated processes, we are pleased to offer to you lower List Prices from 25 May 2010 for the following three products:

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