Design Service for siRNAs – Free of Charge

Rely on our vast experience in the area of siRNA synthesis and let us design your siRNAs including negative controls.

How to Proceed:
  • Contact us by e-mail and
  • Provide us with the accession number or alternatively with the mRNA sequence of your target gene
  • We then provide you with the sequence information of your desired siRNA
  • For siRNAs to be used as negative controls, we perform scrambling of your siRNA sequence and do a BLAST to theoretically exclude any interference with known mRNA sequences
  • Optional: You order ≥3 siRNAs and we guarantee that at least one of the synthesized siRNAs will reduce mRNA levels by at least 70%
  • Service is limited to 5 genes per customer and day
  • If you do not achieve the guaranteed 70% knock down, we design/synthesize additional 3 siRNAs for you. However, you need to show us that your experiment was performed according to the following parameters:
    • Delivery efficiency of siRNA: >90%
    • Effective concentration applied: 100 nM
    • Incubation: at least 48 hours
    • Positive control: included                      
siRNA Design Tool:

If you want to design your siRNA on your own, you can use our siRNA design tool (our design tool represents a customized tool that combines published design criteria with valuable experiences made by Microsynth). To use our design tool please login first to our webshop and choose siRNA > siRNA Design Tool. You will find some useful information about design criteria in the section “Hints and Tips” under Design Guidelines for siRNAs.

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Write an e-mail or call us at +41-71-722 83 33

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