siRNA — Overview

siRNA, or small interfering ribonucleic acid, is a type of RNA that is involved in a number of biological processes, most notably RNA interference. RNA interference is a regulatory process that is used to control and limit the expression of specific genes. While most RNA is single stranded, siRNA is made up of two complementary strands of RNA nucleotides similar to those in DNA. Usually siRNA molecules are 21-23 nucleotide double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) duplexes with symmetric 2-3 nucleotide 3’ overhangs.

Main Product Features and Benefits:
  • High quality: all siRNAs are MALDI-TOF controlled before shipment
  • Guaranteed yields: high quantity delivered (actual delivered amount significantly higher than minimal guaranteed yield)
  • Ready to use: fully deprotected, siRNAs already annealed and ready to use (40 µM)
  • Fast delivery:
    • Shipment within 24 hours (valid only for single orders; orders must be placed before 10 AM, and a short note should reach us by telephone)
    • Shipment within 48 hours (valid only for single orders; for volume orders please request information on delivery time) 
  • Free of charge: free siRNA design service available
  • siRNA Design Tool: By using our online siRNA design tool you can design your siRNAs on your own (our design tool represents a customized tool that combines published design criteria with valuable experiences made by Microsynth). To use our siRNA design tool please login first to our webshop and choose siRNA > siRNA Design Tool.
  • Additional services:
    • Modified siRNAs are available on request
    • Guaranteed knock down: if you use our free siRNA design service and let us produce ≥ 3 siRNAs, we guarantee that at least one of the synthesized siRNAs will reduce mRNA levels by at least 70%  

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