DNA Oligos — Dual-Labeled Probes Overview

Microsynth's offers a wide selection of fluorophores and quenchers which will support most real-time quantitative PCR instruments and multiplex analysis systems. Here are some arguments to use dual-labeled probes, especially those from Microsynth.

Main Product Features and Benefits:
  • Broad portfolio of probes: availability of various fluorophore and quencher combinations (see also the section “Fluorophores and Quenchers” under Related Links)
  • High quality: all probes are MALDI-TOF controlled before shipment
  • Minimum delivery guarantee (delivered amount is on average at least 3 times higher)
  • Fast delivery (within 3 working days on average)
  • Competitive and transparent pricing: prices for dual-labeled probes include all DNA bases, fluorophores & quenchers as well as a thorough purification procedure (HPLC or even PAGE)
  • Free of charge: free probe design service available; design of dual-labeled probes and primer pairs on request
  • Additional services: 
    • Design, synthesis and functionality testing of primer-probe sets for real-time PCR (see also the flyer "Customized qPCR Assays" under Related Downloads)
    • C-5 propynyl modification of your probe (see also the flyer "MGB and LNA Substitutes" under Related Downloads)¹
    • Aliquotation of probes and shipment within 5 tubes on request2
Potential Applications:
  • Gene expression
  • Multiplex assay development
  • Pathogen detection
  • Viral load quantitation
  • Microarray validation
  • si/shRNA knockdown
  • Gene copy determination
  • Mutation detection
  • Allelic discrimination
  • SNP detection
How to Order?
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on DNA and metRNA in the "Oligonucleotide" domain
  • Select either Normal Entry in order to type or copy/paste the desired sequence information etc. or alternatively select Upload Entry by using our convenient Excel Template (can be downloaded during ordering)
  • Simply select your desired 5' and 3' modification, in this way your oligo is recognized and processed as a TaqMan probe (including thorough HPLC or PAGE purification)

 1 Nucleic acids with enhanced hybridization properties (e.g. C5-propynes, MGBs, LNAs) are usually used to:
  • To increase the thermal stability and hybridization specificity of your probe
  • To get greater accuracy in gene quantitation and allelic discrimination
  • To facilitate the probe design of problematic target sequences
2 If you wish your probe within 5 separate tubes (only valid for 0.2 and 1.0 µmol synthesis scales) please proceed as follows during the ordering process: Either immediately return the order confirmation e-mail and note “please ship dual-labeled probes in 5 aliquots”; or alternatively write “please ship dual-labeled probes in 5 aliquots” into the field “special comments” when using the upload entry mode.  







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