Quality System

Quality awareness is a prime concern to us. This includes the quality of all Microsynth’s products and services, and the quality of all processes and procedures at Microsynth AG. That's why the company's quality management system has been ISO 9001:2008 certified, and is periodically recertified.

Further, two analytic laboratories of Microsynth AG (the Sanger sequencing and genotyping laboratory), are accredited according to the standard ISO 17025:2005 (STS429), being a formal recognition of our competence to produce valid analytical results in a consistent manner. The Sanger sequencing laboratory of Microsynth AG has also been authorized by the Swiss agency for therapeutic products (Swissmedic) to perform GMP-compliant sequencing.

As a significant part of the ISO requirements, we have extensively internalized the process of continual improvement. This has become a valued and vital part of the everyday work of our employees at all levels.

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