Company Overview

As a private and independent Swiss company, Microsynth provides services related to DNA/RNA synthesis, various kinds of DNA/RNA analyses and molecular biology project outsourcing. For more than two decades, our objective has been to serve our customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding service – and all this at competitive prices.

As a pioneer in our field, we have gained a lot of critical know-how and experience since our incorporation in 1989. This expertise is our most valuable asset. And we attach great importance to increasing our expertise through our commitment to technical competence, diligence and reliability.

As an open and learning organization, Microsynth endeavors to conduct a constant dialogue with renowned experts, universities and research institutions. We assume far-ranging responsibility for our stakeholders. Last but not least, we are committed to sustainable development and to the protection of the natural resources of our planet. Through constant adherence to this philosophy, Microsynth has become an internationally acclaimed company in the field of molecular biology.

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Addresses & Locations

Microsynth AG

Head Office
Schützenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
9436 Balgach


Microsynth Austria GmbH            

Leberstrasse 20                                           

1110 Wien                                      



Microsynth AG
Postfach 3351
88115 Lindau


P.O Box only!                                                  


Microsynth AG

Postfach 58 

6961 Wolfurt-Bahnhof

P.O Box only!

Ownership Microsynth AG is a privately held company
Business Size Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)
Quality Management Microsynth AG: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2005 (STS 429; i.e. the Sanger sequencing and genotyping laboratories)
Microsynth Austria GmbH: ISO 9001:2008

Company History
Incorporation of Microsynth AG. The initial focus of the company is on providing DNA oligonucleotide synthesis services to academic institutes and companies in Switzerland. The founder, Dr. Tobias Schmidheini, is considered one of the pioneers in this exciting area of molecular biology.
The company offers Sanger DNA sequencing services as additional main pillar of Microsynth’s business
Investment in real-time PCR, with an initial focus on offering GMO analysis services
DNA genotyping services, with a special focus on paternity validation

Completion of a major building expansion to accommodate the growing number of employees and to provide a modern lab and office infrastructure. The entire building is constructed as a Minergie building. Minergie is a sustainable building standard that is recognized globally for its effectiveness in achieving lower energy and resource consumption.

  • Completion of the certification process for all business units according to ISO 9001:2000
  • Completion of the accreditation process for various business units with respect to DNA analysis (Sanger sequencing, genotyping, GMO analysis) according to ISO 17025
  • Extension of the DNA synthesis unit with RNA synthesis services
2007 Investment in the 454 GS FLX System from Roche to offer our customers customized services in the area of next-generation sequencing
Successful participation in a ring trial for the detection of Bovine Virus Diarrhoe (BVD), utilizing an unparalleled high-throughput real-time PCR system. More than 320’000 samples were tested from October 1, 2008 until December 31, 2008.
2009 Microsynth celebrates its 20th anniversary
2010 Microsynth invests in SOLiD 4 and 5500xl SOLiD Systems from Life Technologies to strengthen its DNA Sequencing Platform
2011 Investment in fully automated, high-throughput DNA/RNA extraction technology
2012 Incorporation of Microsynth Austria GmbH with the goal to become a major sequencing player in the Austrian market
Expansion of the NGS business unit by acquiring the MiSeq Illumina system and building up a bioinformatics department
2013 Microsynth merges with Seqlab GmbH, one of the leading sequencing companies in Germany, to better access Europe's largest life science market
2014 Further strengthening of the NGS/Bioinformatics department by aquiring the NextSeq system from Illumina


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